Temp'O Matic 2.1

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The original Temp'O Matic site seems to be down. Configuring Tempo'o Matic to work with Debian and PHP4 was not easy, I might release the setup I'm using to the public if I find time to adapt and document it.

Where to get it and last changes/bugfixes

You can get it here: tempomatic_030429.tar.bz2 [Last update 29.04.2003]

Fist time use copy the package to your www-root (/var/www/html) then unpack it.
Type bzip2 -d tempomatic_xxxxxx.tar.bz2 and then untar it typing tar -xvf tempomatic_xxxxxx.tar
If You use previous version of Temp'O Matic unpack it first to your homedir and look changelog.txt what changes I made.

Read the README.txt and FAQ.txt carefully!

Temp'O Matic 2.X Server list

Old list

Temp'O Matic 2.X © Timo 'Boozeman' Viinanen 2002, 2003 Lisenced by the terms of QPL